DJ Life

Electrifying Noise With DJ Life’s Grout EP

With DJ Life’s music, there’s a technical craze that shimmers in the mist. Electricity signaling to and fro in the cloud of haziness. This is the sound of DJ Life’s Grout EP, released in Estonia’s music label, Gestalt. In this EP are five cohesive tracks that sway with each other, holding a consistent aesthetic not so apparent with many other projects of this genre.

These five tracks are poignantly subtle. It allows the listener to reach for the unreal and esoteric sounds that DJ Life has to offer. From what I could decipher, these instrumentals are a mixture of breakbeats color coded with Deep House and D’n’B pastels.

The first track, Bourgeiouse, slowly compels the listener to enter its mystifying confine. There’s a bass drum that repeats its course until slowly the other elements of the cloud start to appear. The ringing drill that steadily amplifies in volume, along with the vibrant chord that eventually all amalgam into an ethereal trance.

DJ Life

The next tracks, Spectre, is a gorgeously crafted beat. The linear progression of amplifying noise and concocted drums and synths breathe life into its five-minute duration. It pummels towards an exciting climax, then comfortably settles down in the three-minute mark, picking back up again for its transition into its coda.

DJ Life

The next three tracks, BoonieMatrix, and Visions, all follow the same procedure, adding onto the journey with their own life and personality. DJ Life dared to craft a creation not attempted by many musicians of the House or D’n’B field. This EP is a hidden achievement developed by the sonorous mind that holds real power within the realm of music.

DJ Life 'Grout' EP