Caitlin Dee, Jana Jordan, and Jayme Langford blend pastels, sparkles, and Barbie-esque vibes with fishnet tights, tattoos, and outspoken vocals to serve up ‘princess punk from la la land.’ The Pipe Dreams punk rockers are a glitter bomb of kitschy cuteness and ravishing rock ‘n roll. Dee, Jordan, and Langford want you to party, think pink, and feel your feelings.
pipe dreams


NATALIE DURKIN (HIGHLARK): What would Pipe Dreams’ tagline be?



JAYME LANGFORD (BASS // PIPE DREAMS): Is this even a real band?

NATALIE: How did each of you begin making music? Why are you where you are today?

CAITLIN: I got started in music when I realized in my early 20s that life can be short and I didn’t want to feel like I wasn’t pursuing my dreams. I had tried to learn guitar in the past but it was always really hard for me. I was a yoga teacher and I was hired to go on a backpacking trip with a group of climbers as their yoga instructor and one of them brought along a ukulele. He taught me a few songs and it was super easy. I had only ever tried to teach myself, and I decided to start with the uke and try to build up my confidence with learning songs and writing. I have always been a writer and love to sing and perform, so once I had a few chords figured out, enough to start writing songs, I finally moved on to guitar. And I was living in San Francisco actually about to move back to LA and went to my first open mic night. Before that I would only sing when really drunk at parties. The reason I am anywhere that I am today is that I haven’t given up yet and I don’t intend to.

JANA: Watching animals on The Muppets play drums when I was little made me [want to] be a drummer.

JAYME: I got started I music after dating a guy in my favorite band and realizing it could be easy. I wrote my first song about him “Fuck You Until You Die” and Jana and I recorded it, bought instruments that we couldn’t play, and we were a band. I have no idea where I am or how I got here.

NATALIE: How do you want to affect us?

CAITLIN: I want people to feel like they can be free to be themselves and enjoy the fuck out of life and feel like shit and everything in between.

JANA: I can only hope people [want to] party when they hear our music.

JAYME: Somewhere between bored and overwhelmed.

NATALIE: How do you deal with creative blockages?

CAITLIN: I don’t ever really feel stuck anymore because of nothing is moving forward or coming my way I’ve tried to learn to just take a look around, work on something else, go somewhere, just generally stop trying to get anywhere, and things naturally flow I think when you get in that state of mind.

JANA: If I’m stuck I watch Barbie: Life in the Dream House.

JAYME: Let It Be.

NATALIE: Where do you get your fire/energy?

CAITLIN: Sleeping, meditation, nature.

JANA: Revenge fires me up. Or watching the Chuck E. Cheese band on YouTube.

JAYME: Green tea. Unsweetened, light ice.

NATALIE: Any top secret facts you can let us in on?

CAITLIN: I’m part dolphin.

JANA: How weird I am.

JAYME: I’m a natural blonde.

NATALIE: 1) Where is your favorite spot in Los Angeles? 2) Where would you take out-of-town friends? 3) How would you defend the city in one sentence?

CAITLIN: My favorite place is whatever beach I can get to. I like to take visitors to shows at Lot 1. If someone doubts the city I would say cool you should live somewhere else.

JANA: Favorite place in LA is downtown. I would take visitors to Skid Row and if you doubt LA I’d defend it by saying “Clueless– the best movie of all time was made in LA, duh!”

JAYME: If you can make it in NY, you can make it anywhere. If you can make it in LA, you’ve made it.

NATALIE: What does your creative process look like?

CAITLIN: Generally I just have to constantly be trying to be creative as much as possible as an exercise and discipline more than for the direct purpose of creating anything of substance, and I believe that enables anyone to become a potential channel for a super amazing new thing to come through.

JANA: My creative process is so random it can’t be chronicled. Usually someone makes me sad or heart broken so I take my revenge out artistically.

JAYME: I never try to write, it just happens when it happens… and usually things come together pretty quickly. Sometimes it starts with lyrics, but more often it’s a bass line.

NATALIE: Describe your style – music, fashion, etc, etc.

CAITLIN: music=emo slutcore, fashion=slutty normcore

JANA: Pastel Goth.

JAYME: Valley Girl.

NATALIE: Do you have any salient advice?

CAITLIN: Choose love over fear, remember to breathe, this too shall pass. All super cliche but can be tools for transcending horrible thoughts and circumstances.

JANA: Best advice I can give is trust no one and action speaks louder than words.

JAYME: Try not to worry about things that are not happening.

NATALIE: What’s next?

CAITLIN: This summer we’re releasing a music video for our song “In My Head,” directed by Chad Fjerstad with myself and Jana and we filmed it on my 30th birthday – it features dolphins and popsicles and ex boyfriends and all – – Following that, we’re putting out our single “World Ends” which features a really rad outro on guitar by Bobb Bruno. The singles are part of an album we’re still working on.

JANA: I’m looking forward to finishing Pipe Dreams’ first record and meeting cute boys to fuck.

JAYME: Right now I’m applying to medical school.

NATALIE: Any last words?

CAITLIN: Don’t do heroin.

JANA: Nope 🙂

JAYME: Sending all the Emojis of happiness and gratitude.



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Photo © Luis Giovani (Feature) and Sean Behr. All Rights Reserved.