We just want to be ourselves, like what we like, and live how we want to live. The arts are a big part of most of our lives, whether it’s creating our own or admiring another’s. We know that what’s popular usually isn’t what’s best. It’s exciting to discover new things and being able to say that it’s great and cool even if no one else has before, and so we always found ourselves searching and seeking out the best information. Information that is trustworthy, valuable and most importantly useful.

With the internet, technology and social media, you would think that this is an easy task, but we found out that it wasn’t. Sites that were once more selective now cover everything, becoming more about quantity over quality. We came across so many negative album reviews which seem like an ego rant than an honest review. Why even review something you don’t even like? How is that useful to me if all you’re doing is beating it to the ground? Featured artists are presented with nothing more than a gallery of photos, and a mere few sentences. Sites are plastered with ads to the point where it’s extremely annoying to get to the content, or even find it. These characteristics are true with pretty much all of the most popular and “trusted” outlets. Media has simply become a racket.

It may be the harder road, but we strive to be a sincere media company. We focus on quality over quantity by sifting through press releases and spending hours on the web and real life, searching and seeking out great creatives that are genuine, innovative and hence, quality. You won’t see any ads on this site to distract you from getting the information you need. We do this because we love this, and we want to share our discoveries with everyone.

HIGHLARK is a lifestyle and culture online magazine based out of New York City, focusing on Music, Style and Art. We are the festival goers who embrace the art and music we love, and represent ourselves with our unique individual style. We are not pop nor underground, but a bit of both and a lot in between.  For those that sail easy in the mainstream and those that blaze indie trails, Highlark is the scenic detour that doesn’t require passive conformity to the masses nor mental acrobatics in accepting the self-proclaimed kings of cool. We are for artists and lovers of art, with an eye for the things that feed our creative appetite. We hope our choices will serve your own creative lifestyle where you lead the way.

We are here to show you cool things that your friends may not know, whether it be music, fashion, gear or art. We hope we can inspire and enhance your life, but most of all we hope you enjoy it! Thanks for stopping by!

unity through the arts Highlark

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