Desert Dazed: 5 Memorable Moments From Day 2

Photo by Jeanette Diaz

Desert Daze continued the good vibrations on the sands of Moreno Beach in Lake Perris throughout the weekend. These are some of our highlights on Saturday.

Moreno Beach
Photo by Jeanette Diaz
  1. When Devo said “we’re going to play you something new we’ve been working on” and then proceed to “whip” us into shape with their 1980 hit. 
  2. Klaus Johann Grobe giving us serious disco vibes at the Block Stage early Saturday afternoon. We especially loved the dance moves the crowd was giving back to them – including the very warm applause at the end when KJG realized they had no more time to play. 
  3. The Lumerian’s mysterious looks (they wore headmasks with blue lights in their eyes) matching their mysterious psych-heavy vibe. 
  4. Pussy Riot transforming The Theater stage from a pop concert to a underground Moscow rave in a matter of minutes. 
  5. Flying Lotus leaving the comfort of his console and stepping into the stage for the best 3D experience – him rapping. 

Photos by Jeanette Diaz

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