7 Music Artist Concerts You Should Attend Before You Die

Music Festivals You Should Attend Before You Die | Princess Nokia at Sónar

Music is the essence of life. Just imagine life without any music. Scary, right? Under the right circumstances it can even be therapeutic; not to mention as a skill it can be highly rewarding and satisfying. That’s why so many people opt for music lessons even during old age.

If you’re a music enthusiast – then this is the post for you. Here, we look at the best music artist concerts you must attend before you die. 

It’s sad and unfortunate that due to the COVID-19 situation; many of the music concerts are getting canceled. So, we can only hope that the situation improves and the music lovers around the world can once again come together in celebration.

Here’s the top 7 music concerns and festivals for you to check out whenever possible:

// Tomorrowland

Music Festivals You Should Attend Before You Die | Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland is one of THE most popular music festivals which happens in Belgium every year 2 weeks before July. The incredible lineup of DJs and amazing stage production are some of the reasons to attend Tomorrowland. 

It’s SO popular that within the opening, tickets get sold in a matter of minutes. Thousands of people from different continents flock to this amazing gathering.

The name of the festival itself is enough advertisement. When there, you can expect to see some of the biggest names in the music industry. The feel of the festival is unparalleled and unlike anything you’ll ever experience in life. Tomorrowland is conducted as a fairytale and the main stage is inspired by storybooks.

// Lollapalooza

Music Festivals You Should Attend Before You Die | Lollapalooza
Photo By: Katrina Barber

Lollapalooza happens every year in Grant Park in August. With close to 200, 000 attendees – this is yet another highly popular event to be a part of. It’s particularly good for families with kids as there’s a dedicated area called Kidzapalooza where younger fans can hang out, attend music shops, and enjoy art exhibits.

For adults, there’s a side stage where they get an opportunity to perform in front of a huge audience with DJs playing a mix of electronic music. There’s a staggered schedule during which headlining acts appear so that attendees can get some breathing room in between different activities.

// Glastonbury

Music Festivals You Should Attend Before You Die | Glastonbury
Photo By: KI Price/Getty Images

Glastonbury invites some of the most popular artists from the world of music. It’s an outdoor festival that happens on a 900-acre farm in Somerset. While here, you are sure to meet people of all ages, nationalities, backgrounds, faith, lifestyles, concepts, fashion taste, and music preferences. The whole feel of the festival is friendly and mellow. 

Many people say that they’ve had all kinds of bizarre experiences including rude awakenings, enlightenments, and some surreal moments. Glastonbury is conducted sometime in June.

// Burning Man

Photos By: Jacob Avanzato

Burning Man happens every year in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert sometime during the last week of August. If you have a thing for crazy hippie fire parties – this is the place to be. Burning Man attracts people for its bonfires, nudity, and counterculture feel.

It gets its quirky name from the ritual that involves the burning of a giant wooden effigy which marks the commencement of the festival.

It’s an event where radical self-reliance, self-expression, art, and community happens. This is possibly one festival that depends heavily on the number of volunteers to make it successful. So, if you’re short on cash, volunteering to offer your services might be a good way for you to get a spot at this event.

// Boomtown

Music Festivals You Should Attend Before You Die | Boomtown
Photo By: Scott Salt

This particular music festival rose from the Undergrounds of the UK before becoming one of the most independent and wildest events in the world. If you’re looking to get on a journey of dance and self-discovery while also navigating the labyrinth of streets, Boomtown is the place to be at.

At this festival, you’re going to enjoy all kinds of music such as reggae, punk, gypsy, ska, folk, blue-grass, jungle, breaks, electro-swing, disco, pirate, punk, hardcore, psytrance, gabba, hip-hop, and techno. Many of these genres are so unique that not everyone is even aware of them.

// Sónar

Music Festivals You Should Attend Before You Die | Princess Nokia at Sónar
Princess Nokia – SonarVillage by Estrella Damm

A Spanish dance and music festival, Sonar happens every summer in the city of Barcelona. While here, you will receive a treat of music genres such as alternative electronic, techno, and house.

Sonar brings to the surface the champions of underground musical talent. Sonar is unique in that it brings an amalgamation of technology, art, and innovation.

The festival first came to life almost 30 years ago and has evolved as a highly popular brand in the realm of electronic music festivals.

// Coachella

Music Festivals You Should Attend Before You Die | Coachella
Photo By: Kevin Winter

Another festival that requires no introduction, Coachella happens every year approximately on the third weekend of April in Indio, California.

The kind of lineup that Coachella attracts is absolutely out of this world. It’s set against a beautiful background with every promise of excellent weather. The festival doesn’t just focus on music but also good fashion. Most people who attend it are heavily into hipster and bohemian fashion.

Coachella features almost every music genre including hip hop, electronic, indie, rock, etc. Art installations and sculptures are other popular highlights. It’s so popular and you will spot many Hollywood celebrities here.

Bottom Line

So, which music festival out of these appealed to you the most? Make sure that you mark your calendars and start preparing for your favorite festival in advance. And, when you do get there, be sure to wear a mask and practice all precautions to avoid spreading the virus.

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