Coachella Lineup 2017



Why we love them: I am not sure I love their new album, “The Far Field,” or not. What I am sure of, is that I can’t stop listening to it. From start to finish it is a complex album reminiscent of The Cure. “The Far Field” manages to modernize 80s pop and it can be a bit addicting.

Why you should see them: Future Islands is sandwiched between Devendra Barnhart and Hans Zimmer, two must see shows. So save yourself the walk around and stay, dance and get hooked on Future Islands as the sun begins to set over the Ferris Wheel.



Why you love them: The band’s name has essentially become synonymous with LA’s reigning music culture. A band that bloomed from the backyard of East L.A., their sound and their style has magnificently regenerated the magic of Latin musics’ past. A perfect fusion of Latin soul, tropicalia and psychedelic pop and rock, Chicano Batman has managed to entrance fans and fellow artists across varous genres and generations.

Why you should see them: Their shows are funky, fun and fueled with ultimate unifying feelings of music as soulful liberation. Encapsulating the beauty found within the Latin community of the City of Angels, their shows have been able to transcend musical and cultural boundaries. Their shows will leave you with their entrancement feeling as universal, as it does personal.



Why we love them: I love artists who bring more to the table than just music. I love artists who have something to say. I love artists who move people to become more open and understanding. Check out Billboard’s Pranav Trwen’s “Swet Shop Boys Showed Me How to Embrace Both Sides of My Culture” who nails why you should also love Swet Shop Boys.

Why you should see them: Swet Shop Boys’ Heems and Riz are producing some of the most politically-charged music that take a deep, hard look at our culture. These guys are smart. They know their history. Do yourself a favor and check them out and get cultured.



Why we love them: Will Toledo’s indie rock project Car Seat Headrest portrays the challenges of teenage angst with beautifully clever lyrics that is relatable and authentic.

Why you should see them: Toledo’s experimentation with different sounds is effortless, making rock n’ roll cool for the millennial generation and keeping you in a constant state of nostalgia.



Why we love them: They are simple and catchy, which makes for some fun (sober or not).

Why you should see them: Have you ever noticed that the best shows you see at music festivals are the ones where the women are rocking out on stage? Go see them!



Why you love them: They’re an electronic music band with alternative rock running through their DNA.

Why you should see them: They’re upbeat, fun and guaranteed to make you dance.



Why we love them: Thee Commons have have found the right equation for equal parts cultural background and musical influences to manifest into a unique sound. Mix that with eclectic experimental riffs and vocals and you have Thee Commons well praised and self-branded Psychedelic Cumbia Punk signature sound.

Why you should see them: Since the first time I saw them live years ago, I have continuously tried to catch as many shows as possible. And I always leave just as amazed everytime. They put on one of the most wildly entertaining live shows; from their hype live energy to a dancing pink gorilla hypeman, their sets are always guaranteed to have you moving in a heartbeat. You may also get to hear some eclectic covers of pastime favorites like Los Saicos “Demolicion” and Selenas “Carcancha.”



Why you love them: Raury is a breathe of creative fresh air. A unique rap artist who has managed to transform music into something Im not sure I’ve entirely heard before, at least not well done. He dances the fine line between folk indie and the hip hop, rap game not missing a step in either direction. 

Why you should see them: Its not very often an artist tries to crossover such distinctly sperate genres and does it in a mesmerizing way that can have you listening to more than one song. Raury has been able to do that and more and is definitely a unique act you dont want to miss out on live.


[+] NAO 

Why we love them: I’ve always been an avid fan of R&B, so discovering NAO who blends 90’s R&B sounds over electronic-infused beats that is soulful and powerful, is a pleasure that should be appreciated by all.

Why you should see them: Listening to NAO’s sultry soulful voice will create a beautiful sense of euphoria that makes you and all those around you feel alive – nothing but good vibes that should be shared with amazing people. Perfect jams for festival season!



Why we love them: King Kendrick. ‘Nuff said.

Why you should see them: With his new album DAMN. that just dropped, and another one potentially being released this weekend, there’s no doubt his live show is about to go off. From older classics off of Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City to his last drop DAMN.; there’s an electrifying feeling you get when you’re belting along lyrics in unison with an entire sea of hype fans.



Why You love them: Radiohead has to be one of the most definitive bands of our era. With a career that has spanned over 3 generations, they still remain one of the most biggest names in the industry. I mean, just look at their recently (and immediately) sold out world tour.

Why you should see them: 1. They’re headlining. 2. They’re Radiohead. 3. Even if you’ve seen them before (consider yourself blessed), they always change up their setlist show to show. 4. If you really need any other reason (which you really shouldn’t) do it for us, all of us, who tirelessly tried to get tickets to see them live with no luck and now cry every night to “No Surprises” because we’ll never get to hear them live.



Why we love them: If you’ve seen a Christopher Nolan movie, and a song gave you the chills, it was probably Hans Zimmer.

Why you should see them: Very different than everything else. It’s incredibly epic, dark and exciting orchestrated music fit for any cinematic moment.


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