7 Brands for your Tie Dye look this summer

7 Brands to get tie dye shirts from


Tie dye shirts are definitely back for 2019 and streetwear brands have embraced the style with open arms, and not just for shirts. Some looks pay homage to the classic tie dye look of vibrant colors and hippie vibes while some took a much more contemporary approach, giving us a diverse range which may please even the “I can’t pull off tie dye” people. I was one of them but now have a nice little collection of tie dye pieces in my closet.

Here are 7 brands that are doing tie dye right. Sound off in the comments if you think I missed any fire tie dye drops!

Rebel 8 Lord Tie Dye Hoodie
Rebel 8 Lord Pullover

1 – REBEL 8

Rebel 8 definitely has the dopest tie dye washes all around in my humble opinion. Their “Crystal” wash pieces in particular are my absolute favorite. There are brands that do a similar wash but Rebel 8‘s version just looks so cool. I personally own the Crystal Tee in blue and is my favorite shirt for the summer that has been getting plenty of attention and compliments.

REBEL 8: Shop | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Snapchat



The Hundreds just dropped their second Summer delivery for 2019 today and tie dye is definitely a prominent look in the batch. They are one of the few brands that have a tie dye polo shirt like the Cirrus Polo Shirt available in pool blue and black. The Hundreds really have the bars style dye look down giving them a distinct look.

THE HUNDREDS: Shop | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Snapchat


A brand you may not know is Monmoncats. The line was created by renowned tattoo artist Horitomo and features his signature tattooed cat designs. They have some really dope apparel that you shouldn’t sleep on. When it comes to their tie dye pieces, I really love the strong contrast between the colors in the wash that give the pieces an eye-catching look.

MONMONCATS: Shop | Instagram

4 – HUF

HUF has a a great line of tie dye washes and the capsule with the Harold Hunter Foundation is definitely a highlight. The collab continues the late skateboarding legend’s legacy featuring photos of the icon on the pieces. I love Spitfire‘s “Bighead” logo so the Spitfire Classic H Tie Dye Tee is calling my name but I believe they are sold out.

HUF: Shop | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

5 – VANS

I had to throw in at least one pick that had tie dye sneakers. Vans has some tie dye apparel as well but they shine at what they do best, the kicks. They cover this look in most of the classics from lo-tops to hi-tops but the Tie Dye Slide On is the one that is most appealing.

VANS: Shop | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube 


Ripndip is one of the brands that stuck more to the “traditional” tie dye vibes but threw in a modern twist with bright cotton candy color schemes. Of course, their unofficial cat mascot Lord Nermal is the center of attention and they even have the Grateful Nerm Socks, a nod to the original kings of tie dye culture, The Grateful Dead.

RIPNDIP: Shop | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


The tie dye looks from Young & Reckless might be the one to get your hands on if your funds are tight. Most of these are currently on sale, even up to 50% off. The Clueless logo was a smart touch- the vibe is very fitting with the classic 1995 film. The Ashen Crush Tank is my favorite look with the grey and tie dye color block.

YOUNG & RECKLESS: Shop | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube


Of course its Supreme so this Patchwork Tie Dye Hoodie is already sold out. BUT, even the kings of streetwear have dipped into the tie dye look. Although I personally wouldn’t rock this, the patchwork design is very original and pretty dope.

SUPREME: Shop | Instagram

Supreme tie dye



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