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Canadian artist Alex Garant has found her forté in the overlapping countenances of beautiful women.

Her current work embodies the concepts of reflection and geometry to create images that are striking because we do not process them instantly. As our eyes adjust to the layers and the symmetry, we cannot help but marvel at the fact that these portraits were done by nothing more than a steady hand and a passionate mind. Garant was able to redefine her purpose through art, and we are an audience to the beauty discoveries she has made within herself.

Alex Garant - Winterland Sigh
Winterland Sigh

Q 1 || Since it is the main focus of your work, do you think you have perfected the ‘double exposure’ technique, or are you constantly learning and improving within that area?

I am always learning and constantly trying to improve. Every time I pick up a brush, I am always learning something new or get inspired to use this imagery differently. I love to challenge myself and I do not think I will ever be fully satisfied with a piece.

Q 2 || Your work is reminiscent of the way one can manipulate what they see through the lens of a camera. Can you talk about your past experience with photography? Have you incorporated your passion for unusual portraiture into other mediums?

Actually I have not. I never considered myself a good photographer. Somehow it is easier for me to come up with an image from a blank page than capturing an existing setting. Even if I do use reference photos for my figurative work, I prefer letting my imagination take control of the final image. The creative process is what fascinates me.

Q 3 || Do you forsee yourself taking your artwork in a totally new direction anytime in the near future? If so, what kinds of subjects or methods would you want to experiment with?

I am planning on using a lot more colours this year, I want to create brighter and more vivid works. I want people to be happily overwhelmed when they see my new works, haha.

Q 4 || What sort of connection do you have with your subjects? Do you give them each a story, or are they reflections of yourself?

I do believe there are elements of self-portraiture in my work. In a way, my art is a language I created to express myself, therefore my voice is strong with each piece . However, I do love when people interpret my work their own way, I believe people see a reflection of themselves when they look at it. It makes it personal and unique.

As per the models, I work closely with few individuals, my muse are chosen based on their beauty and the way I can project my vision through their facial expressions.

Q 5 || What has surprised you the most about being a successful working artist?

It has been quite a journey, I think the thing that surprised me the most is how people really “got” my work. For so long I was working by myself in my studio, not showing my work to anyone, thinking people would not understand it, but once I started putting it out there, the reception was very positive, I was quickly overwhelmed by all the love. I felt understood and felt I could communicate with the world through my art. It has been a very humbling and lovely journey so far.

Q 6 || When you first began getting gallery shows, what was the biggest obstacle, if any, that you faced while navigating the art scene?

The first obstacle was to overcome fear, fear of rejection, insecurities etc. When I first started, I got rejected a few times but I kept going, kept working at it, kept improving and eventually a small local gallery gave me a show and from there it has been an unbelievable adventure.

Q 7 || And finally, do you have any upcoming appearances or projects you’re especially excited about?

I am EXTREMELY excited about my solo show “Wakefulness” opening at Spoke Art Gallery on February 4th, 2016. I have a lot of shows planned for 2016 and I am so looking forward to working with other artists and galleries.


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