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Her hair. Her smile. Her wardrobe. Everything about Alexis Kaiser is bright, joyful, and inspires an instant good mood. Complete the positive vibes with an indie, bohemian style and plenty of retro inspirations, and it is easy to understand what her 81,000+ followers love about her. Posing on the picturesque backdrop of her native Utah, one day she sports a long, flowy printed dress; the next, a vintage tee and torn denim jeans. Often, her looks are complemented by expertly chosen accessories, her favorites being sunglasses, hats, and stacks of bangles and rings. Perhaps her most defining feature is her hairlong, wavy, pastel-colored locks she likes to experiment with. The result always looks effortlessly cool, due perhaps to the combination of the beautiful outdoors settings and her natural talent for composing outfits mixing hippie and edgy. As such, they are perfect inspirations for all festival-lovers, and free spirits in general. Her style speaks to those among us who hope they can make summer last a little longer through their wardrobe. Here are a few simple tips to channel her style.


Though she may wow her considerable following on a daily basis, there is only one person that Alexis most makes a priority to please with her style: herself. It is clear that she is having tremendous fun trying out different looks, composing outfits, and posing under the lens of her husband to show off her latest finds—and what finds! Whether it is a yellow retro bikini, pompom-clad sandals, a boho dress with bold prints (like us, she particularly loves Show Me Your Mumu, which you can find at Planet Blue), a vintage tee, or round hippie sunglasses, she is always ready to rock pieces that will make her look unique. Like her, don’t be afraid to play around with colors, prints, accessories, but also hairstyles, tattoos and piercings to express the real you and stand out from the crowd.


Judging by her pictures, Alexis is not one to stay quietly in placeshe likes to move around, dance her way through life, and pass her good vibes around. This wouldn’t be possible if her clothes hindered her movements. For your garments to flow beautifully and become your second skin, give priority to lightweight fabrics and experiment your volumes and lengths. Long dresses, jumpsuits or boy 1shorts paired with your favorite tank top are only a few outfit ideas in which you can feel amazing without making any compromise on style.


As you will notice if you go back a little in her feed, Alexis loves to experiment with hair colors and is currently rocking a pastel pink. If you have been thinking about dyeing your hair but have been hesitant, her amazing style might just be what achieves to convince you! Just like we said in the first point, it is all about experimenting and playing aroundand what’s easier to play with than hair, that have the power to grow back if you ever had regrets? If you decide to take the step, think carefully about what colors best suits your natural hair color and complexion; pastels best suit those with lighter hair, while an emerald green would be perfect for darker hair. Whether you choose to dye or not, you can also imitate Alexis’ creative hairstyles such as mermaid braid and crowns, Whatever your choice is, don’t forget to take great care of your locks and keep them hydratedAlexis recommends the HBL shampoo and conditioner.


Alexis is a big fan of vintage and vintage-inspired clothes and accessories, such as tees, jewelry, bags or belts. Vintage stores are a goldmine to find statement pieces that no one else will havea band tee, cutoff shorts, antique looking rings and bangles, a “just worn off enough” leather satchel. Don’t forget to mix it with new clothes to keep a fresh and current look: it’s all about finding a balance.


If, like us, you fell in love with Alexis’ free-spirited, vintage savvy fashion, you will be happy to learn that she is sharing all her best shopping secrets! On the section of her blog called “Shop My Closet” or on her second Instagram page @alternativeindigoshop, you can  learn all about where she shops and even purchase some pieces from her wardrobe !

In Alexis’ own words, “Don’t live your life being afraid do things and step outside your comfort zone. Wear what you want to wear. Be who you want to be. Don’t be afraid to inspire. And most importantly be unique. Live your life for you and no one else.”

Understanding this style (and life) lesson is great—living by it is essential.


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Alexis Kaiser Highlark


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