Anjunabeats Brooklyn Hangar Highlark


It was a cold, windy winter night at the Brooklyn Hangar, which is a warehouse tucked away by the water in Sunset Park (Brooklyn), but that didn’t stop the crowd from showing up in tank tops and various shades of neon for the Anjunabeats concert with special guest Seven Lions. I was a bit skeptical of the show beforehand since the age requirement was only 18, but the crowd, venue and music did not disappoint, starting at 10pm and going until after 5am.

In a typical fashion, I arrived to the venue a bit late but was greeted to the trance/techno sounds of Andrew Bayer pounding through the speakers in which I quickly parted my way through the crowd toward the front. At the end of the set, Ilan Bluestone stepped up to the decks and the crowd roared and the DJ went into action without missing a beat. The true sounds of the Anjunabeats label came alive throughout his melodious music journey he took everyone on, playing his own hits and mixes of those from such DJs as the trio Above and Beyond.

Seven Lions stepped on stage next. He was the main reason I felt compelled to come to the concert that night. At this point, I knifed my way closer to the stage and was a mere 10 feet away from the turntables. Seven Lions was electric as the visuals and flashing lights changed for each beat. When his top hit, “Strangers,” came on, the next performers Myon and Shane 54 came on stage during the performance and the crowd went wild. The crowd kept dancing throughout the set to some of his other top hits including “Falling Away” and “Don’t Leave.”

Myon and Shane 54 came on next to the crowd already going wild and it continued that way. Playing mix after mix with crowd interaction. Even surprising everyone with a mix of “One More Time” from Daft Punk. Rounding out the night was Jason Ross, playing his own mixes and shutting the venue down.

Each DJ played a one hour set, and eruption went up as one DJ completed their set and the next one entered. The entire placed was packed with people dancing from the fading hours of night until early the next morning. Overall, a fantastic night with a tremendous high energy crowd.


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