Aries Rhysing: A mythological exploration of 21st century tattoo art


Aries Rhysing‘s work is a mythological exploration of twenty-first century tattoo art and the connective tissue between flesh and mind. His designs are dense, calculated, and infused with spiritual undertones, taking the increasingly popular mandala motif to the next level and distinguishing him stylistically. Through needle and ink, performed out of All Sacred Tattoo in Denver, CO, Aries chronicles life, growth, and change, making his own creative interpretation a defining element of his tattoos.

In terms of aesthetics, Rhysing’s work looks like it should adorn the walls of Angkor temples and Incan graves, honoring what is sacred in a mortal world. Methodical and geometric vision permeates his sleeves, winding carefully chosen patterns down arms to create a single, symbolic piece. Mandalas are present, but Aries doesn’t hesitate to incorporate outside images among the linework. One example being a wolf guarding the base of a kaleidoscopically shape-shifting piece.

There’s an old-world mythical quality coming through as well, a folkloric appreciation for the legend and the beast that’s evident in his characterization. The geometry plays a huge role here too, giving deities a deserved perfection, and acting as a frame for the centerpiece of a given tattoo. Aries’ spiritual understanding is global, and the shared human desire to believe in something- anything, is an invisible link between all his pieces. That is what his tattoos are- something tangible to believe in permanently, a gift from artist to client.

Aries is, for the most part, a blackwork artist, but he’s also an alchemist for his ability to compile, and an arithmetician for the consistency of his pieces. The density of his compositions only works in his favor, emphasizing the way everything comes together to spell out something that needs to be said.


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