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There’s something about Bonnaroo that you just can’t put your finger on. It feels like home, even if you’ve never been before. The lineup seems handcrafted just for you. And amongst the 65,000 other music lovers, you are able to get the front access view and intimate experience you crave.

In it’s 16th year, Bonnaroo provided top musical talent, including U2‘s first-ever American headlining performance, Red Hot Chili Peppers igniting the What stage, once again, for a rock experience to be ever imprinted in your mind, a SuperJam featuring Chance the Rapper performing Outkast‘s “Hey Ya,” and the new addition of the Other stage playing host to thousands of dancing revelers for four days strong. With ten stages across The Farm, this festival’s roster is jam-packed for your specific musical needs, providing opposing genres at parallel times for you to discover the sound you crave at any given moment.

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Expanding to the size of a town, Bonnaroo doesn’t take their experience passively, but rather takes advantage of having built such a strong community via music to enlighten everyone who moves in their Pods for the weekend. Built on the foundation to ensure there’s a strong and inviting community, with literally Radiate Positivity as the motto,  Bonnaroo is a safe space to express your creativity, make new friends, offer up your talents, or just sit back and relax to enjoy it all.

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As the team is tediously curating a musical lineup, there’s a team just as passionately ensuring the camping areas are an experience of their own and that the activities offered inside the festival teach and inspire those who interact with them. The camping areas are designed in Pods with neighborhood advancements every year – like Big Red’s Garage at Pod 2, where you’ll find cold beers and gourmet coffee or the equivalent to a town square at the B-Hive under The Tower (the iconic disco ball meeting point) where you can be a part of the 2017 Bonnaroo Yearbook. There’s spaces and events to bring together woman-identified Bonnaroovians and Soberoovians, and additional encouragement to those who want to contribute any new offering via For Roo By Yoo activities.

Throughout Centeroo, you can find yourself signing a petition to save the planet, writing your wishes and dreams on a graffitied wall, learning how to paint your own hand drum (or someone’s face), or being inspired by workshops in The Academy. With options to just run in the sun, the legendary mushroom waterfall was always running and Bacardi offered the first-ever Bonnaroo beach, equipped with a volleyball net and glow-in-the-dark palm trees.

What Bonnaroo has successfully done more so than most festivals, is from the beginning, form a foundation that’s rooted in positive change and positive experience vs commercialized motivators. They sprinkled The Farm with enough music and engaging stations to keep you busy for a month; (Do we have that option!?). And all you have to do… is come and be receptive and reciprocating of all the love.

But don’t take my word for it… take there’s:

“What an extraordinary thing Bonnaroo is. Thank you for naming it after me.” -Bono
I cannot think of anyone more fitting to be honored this year with the annual Les Paul Spirit Award than the Edge. Not only is he an extraordinary talent who has given us an incredible array of amazing music but he is also an innovator who understands that sound, technologies, and a personal creative spirit play a role in creating music that cannot be forgotten.
-Michael Braunstein, Les Paul Foundation Executive Director
We’ve played a million f—ing festivals. This is my favorite one.”-Flea
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I’m not always booked at Bonnaroo, but I love to come down here.
-Chance the Rapper
Brittany NO FOMO

The power of music is bringing people together for a sense of community. This experience is unparalleled… It’s like a family reunion with artists, fans, and people who build this weekend, who all come together…
– Ashley Capps of AC Entertainment

Thank you @bonnaroo that was fuckin aaall euphoria!!! such a beautiful crowd 🌸🌝🐬🎉 – @tovelo

 brittany no fomo

Thank you, Bonnaroo for having me and my band yesterday, and to ALL of you who came out to see the show. I have no words ✨🌈💖 – @leon

Bonnarooooo. First time. Best time… Best time… I’m so happy we came.
– Tank of Tank and the Bangas
All in all, Bonnaroo was wild and we’re thankful for y’all being beautiful humans. thank you. – @thehalocline
brittany no fomo

Thank you, Bonnaroo! 

Bonnaroo has confirmed that the 2018 festival will take place June 7-10
Calendars Marked.


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