Aubrey Marcus: “Stop Being Something You’re Not”

Aubrey Marcus SXSW

Aubrey Marcus has been inspiring and optimizing human potential for years through his holistic health and lifestyle brand Onnit and his very popular Aubrey Marcus Podcast which has over 1o million downloads on iTunes.

Currently residing in Austin (Texas), he recorded an episode of the podcast at SXSW and I was lucky enough to see Aubrey drop some knowledge in person.

Aubrey Marcus SXSW

When someone has been mastering their mind and body as long as he has, it’s interesting to know what they are still working on. This was one of the main takeaways for me from this session.

Just so everyone knows since I didn’t – the Oura Ring is a device that tracks your sleep and health patterns.

The only thing that’s not ok and the only things that’s unbearable, is trying to be something, to be loved, right? Trying to be something I’m not. Trying is the key word in there.

And it’s just like trusting that I can be, and whatever other people’s choices around that and their reactions and reflections based upon me being, whatever that is, it’s all good. It’s all good.

And that’s been the thing that I’ve really ultimately been working on the most and that’s the thing that can release the stress which then I think to me, can start to release the physiological adaptions I’ve had to make to that stress like the things I take to help me go to sleep, things that I take to help give me energy.

Interestingly I’ve had the Oura ring for a while, in the last week I think I’ve gotten my 2 best personal best like PR record scores on the Oura ring for sleep. So things are starting to show up as I lift the weight off of this kind of constant pressure to try to be something and I’m trusting just being is enough and that whatever happens with everybody else around me, the other things are starting to fix themselves.


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Aubrey Marcus SXSW

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