I have been listening to H2O for almost 20 years and this album is truly amazing in so many ways. Their style and sound has not changed one bit and “Use Your Voice” packs the short fast paced punk/hardcore anthems that we not only want but expect. Lead singer Toby Morse stays true to his PMA lifestyle with inspiring lyrics encouraging everyone to be themselves and basically not be an asshole. This band is the reason I started to fall in love with traditional American tattoo art and was a huge influence growing up. I hope people my age and younger will listen to this album and remember to be positive, have fun and just be a good person.

My favorite song on here is probably Thick And Thin, it’s just really melodic and I love the group shouts they do often on this song and the rest of the album for that matter. One of my favorite movies is “True Romance” so of course I loved that they named a song after it. I actually have the angel tattoo from the movie on my left arm. The Highlark Team have already picked up tickets to go seem them at Santos Party House on November 22nd. They are on tour now in Europe and will be touring in the states right after, so check out their full schedule at our Events page to see if they are playing near you.


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