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Although it’s already August and summer’s nearing its inevitable end, there’s no need to fret. BangOn!NYC is back at it again this summer with Elements Music & Arts Festival on August 13th. The day long event begins early on at 1PM and ends at 10PM at an Industrial Brooklyn Waterfront location. This summer, BangOn! NYC snagged epic house headliners like Gramatik, KlingandeClaptone and many more. They are partnering up with media mavens like Mixmag and Dancing Astronaut to bring you the best party in NYC this summer.

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Originally from Slovenia but based in our very own backyard, Gramatik has built up quite the fanbase here and all over the world. He begins his summer to autumn tour next weekend and is certainly the perfect choice to headline. He knows how to ramp up crowds by bringing the classic sound of Brooklyn music (hip hop) and marries it with Jazz, electro and funky riffs and tempos. The most beautiful thing about his music is the variation between genres, yet it all seems to meld together. Musical. Genius.

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Did anyone ask for some sexy sax? Well good news! You’re in luck. French DJ Kligande will be bringing plenty of it backed up with melodic sounds of tropical house and upbeat tempos. Kligande is the perfect pick for a summer festival, with tracks like his beautifully made hit “Jubel” (2013). Try and get that sexy sax riff out of your head.

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Luckily for us, the West Coast is treating us Brooklyn folk to some house bliss via the Desert Hearts Crew: Lee Reynolds, Mikey Lion, Marbs, and Porkchop, which we’ve witnessed at the many Desert Hearts festivals, and can tell you with certainty that they should not be missed. Mirroring the same set of skills of DJ/performers and event planners, of course, you have local stars The Golden Pony and Dirty Looks. These talented guys not only perform sets that put you in a state of bliss, but are also the creative visionaries and (most of the time, hands on event builders) behind BangOnNYC! and the Elements Festival.

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Last, but certainly not least, we have the mysterious man in a mask, Claptone. Admittedly, I’ve been to quite a few Claptone gigs and I have to say they all have their story. He really knows how to mix and intertwine tracks to perfection. His mixes range from upbeat house to funky disco all with a bit of soul and hear to it. He gifts his fans with frequent “Clapcasts” that feature the latest hits in underground house music. From the looks of his last uploads, know this will be a good set. We just wonder…does it ever get too hot under that mask? Check out one of his best remixes of the classic house track “Let’s Groove” by George Morel:

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And in traditional BangOn! fashion, the venue will feature everything and anything beyond just music. Boasting with art galleries, the spectacle will also include dancers and aerial performances, interactive galleries, rides, circus performances, and much more. Playing up the theme of elements, each stage will be aptly named Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire, with accompanying art installations for the full immersive experience.

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See what happened  & who we met at last year’s Elements.

Final tier TICKETS on sale.

Like any good day festival, there will be an after-party.
Click the link here for more information.


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