Benny Bing


Segments of bright colors and realistic features only begin to describe the portraiture of Toronto based artist, Benny Bing. Benny Bing creates paintings of celebrities that capture their looks perfectly, as well as invites the viewer into the subject’s mind. Each portrait lures you in with its powerful eyes and vibrant colors. You would never guess that he is a completely self taught artist.

Bing creates different dimensions in his work by using different colors, rather than direct shading. The colors used in his paintings are recurring, which makes it easy for viewers to identify a painting as being created by Bing. The recurring color palette that Bing uses is the key element of his developing style. The colors include bright blue, purple, yellow, red, orange, pink, and of course the classic white or black to break up the brightness. The segments of bright colors appear geometric, yet they are placed perfectly in order to create 3D effects that allow each portrait to appear incredibly lifelike.

Through his color choices and realistic style, it is clear that Bing wants his work to shine. He writes in his artist statement, “Each piece pushes me against limitations and boundaries I’ve given myself, consciously or unconsciously, inspiring and forcing growth and a break from comfort, allowing exploration of self-discovery and boundless vision.” Therefore, Bing uses his art to break boundaries and remind himself, as well as his audience, that there is a need for growth. His portraits are created to be powerful and evoke emotions such as self-love and personal realizations.

Bing’s bright portraits have been displayed in multiple exhibitions over the past 2 years – in Canada, United States, and Nigeria. After looking at his work, it’s hard to believe that Bing has only been painting for a couple years. He also has many paintings showcased on his website – as well as prints available for purchase.


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