Big Bud Press


Enamel citrus pins and emoji-style patches are what put Big Bud Press on the map, as they quickly became an Instagram sensation and pop-art lover’s dream. Soon enough, the brand expanded to creating their own vintage-inspired clothing pieces, from the red denim workwear jacket I sport on the daily to full body jumpsuits Paramore recently wore on Jimmy Kimmel Live while performing a single off their latest album, After Laughter. Over-sized 70’s-style collars and bold vintage-influenced t-shirt designs help give the clothes a throwback feel for the modern age. Not only do the designs resemble a previous era, but the quality is made to mimic vintage pieces: The cotton-denim jackets are broken in through a specific wash and dye process to make you feel as if you’re clad in something from another time. Aside from the products themselves, the company has styling down to a science, as they constantly create photoshoots centered around the concept of a central color. Check out the “What’s Your Color?” page on their site to get some color inspiration for your next outfit, design, photoshoot, etc.

Big Bud Press

More recently though, Big Bud Press was involved in a movement to end art theft from larger companies, as their famous “WHY” pin/patch design was stolen by Zara and plastered onto a pair of denim shorts, among other items. Read our coverage of other brands calling into question the plagiarism of designs by corporations and unauthorized usage of artwork.

Overall, it is their attention to detail and bold-colored themes that makes Big Bud Press stand out from the other accessory oriented brands. From polos with fruits for buttons to denim pouches, enamel pins and colorful bandanas, Big Bud Press is a brand of specificity, yet they offer something for everyone.


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