The Southern hip-hop star Big K.R.I.T is the ‘King Remembered in Time’ and wants all in his kingdom to remember who runs the South. Big K.R.I.T has blessed the world with new music this time around creating the mixtape titled “It’s Better This Way” with the well-known DJ Drama as ‘host.’ This is the first project the self-proclaimed “King of the South” has released since his sophomore album ‘Cadillactica,’ was released November of 2014, his 2nd major LP under the Def Jam flag. I believe that those who weren’t previously acquainted with his extensive body of work (10+ mixtapes) got a taste of the gifts the Mississippi artist possesses.

K.R.I.T is known for his strong mixtapes that feature base-bumping beats that seem to mesh with his soulful style flawlessly, which is a testament to K.R.I.T himself, being one of the few artists that produce the majority of their own songs. Of the 13 tracks on the mixtape, 10 were produced by K.R.I.T and no surprise to any fans of K.R.I.T is that the lucky 13 music tracks are solid, as well as the 10+ mixtapes he previously released that all kick like Ken in Street Fighter 5. Now you know it’s real.

Big KRIT’s “It’s Better This Way” is a heavy dose of base and groovy soul combined with a deep message with the right amount of ‘bounce’ for your ounce, or as hardcore fans of the rapper would say: classic Krizzle. If I were forced to give a loose comparison to those who aren’t familiar, K.R.I.T resembles another bright star under the Southern sky in Big Boi from Outkast. Each of his songs have their own strong, well-stated message, but KRIT doesn’t sacrifice lyrical content and uses his gift of word fully while letting you into his world, which is probably named Cadillactic.

The number 1 favorite on this mixtape should be emphasized to let you know that I ranked this a 100%, though I don’t believe in perfection. The 100% is to show that this track is my preferred listen and likeliness that I will hear this and enjoy it, because this track is a Banger. Beat is bonkers, rhythm makes you want to move, sounds like a great song to listen to at a cookout party or driving on a cool night with the roof off. Feel free to make your own opinions and don’t let my own sway yours, though there aren’t many wrong choices.

Expect to move with the groove with his mix of jazz and hard-hitting funk drums, either way you have an 89% overall rated mixtape from a music-loving New Yorker. If you love Mississippi hip-hop with strong lyrics over your sub-woofer exploding with powerful base, then K.R.I.T is the King worthy of the crown.

Disclaimer: Songs contain strong language and bars.

|| BIG K.R.I.T.

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