Black Sails Design / Highlark

Black Sails Design is an independent design company with an edge. The company collaborates with many bands and other brands to bring their name to life in the form of stylistically mature and fresh merchandise, and logos. Primarily working within the Hardcore/Punk music scene, this company has over a decade of experience to bring to the table, and starting off independently they have worked their way to being a recognizable company within the circle. From t-shirts, to hoodies this company transforms their ideas into vastly marketable and alternatively styled clothing. The clothing stands out from traditional band or other “brand” merchandise in that the designs are uniquely cool enough to pass on their own without representing something else. For wearers, they get the benefit of supporting something they enjoy, and having a wicked new wardrobe piece.

Black Sails Design works with a mostly neutral or black and white color scheme. This adds to the modern minimalism of their work, and also allows their logos or clothes to be universally utilized, able to be styled up or styled down accordingly. The designs themselves vary widely, so there really is something for any taste. Some designs channel traditional style tattoos, while others channel sacred geometry, or even include photographs. Simply put: for any up and coming band, establishing a name and a solid brand for themselves is essential- with Black Sails Design, they take the guessing out of this process in an elegant and professional way.


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