Punk-rock band, Bleached, dropped their sophomore album Welcome The Worms on April 1st. Listeners haven’t heard anything from the Los Angeles-based group since their 2013 release Ride Your Heart. When Ride Your Heart dropped, it was evident that Bleached was slowly beginning to depart from the usual, lo-fi elements that dominated their earlier music. With this new record, front-women Jennifer and Jessica Clavin, along with their bassist Micayla Grace, have achieved the cleaner, more focused sound that they’ve been working towards.

welcome the worms

The group sets the tone of the record with the first track, “Keep on Keepin’ On.” As the song progresses, they urge an unnamed lover to forget their past mistakes and be with them as they desire. It soon becomes clear, especially in the next track, “Trying To Lose Myself Again,” that the band members have a score to settle—within the ten tracks that make up the record, they achieve just that. “And I don’t wanna’ live my life the way you think is right,” the girls sing. Each song contains raw emotion and an alto tone that prompts the listener to feel the personal connection that each member has with the record. The killer guitar riffs add a perfect finish, allowing what could not be put into words to be heard.

welcome the worms highlark

The California rock n’ roll sound that any Bleached fan knows and loves remains evident on the new record, but with a twist. With tracks like “Sour Candy” and “Wasted On You,” the group has created a rebellious, alternative sound that is reminiscent of a dreamier take on the music released by Courtney Love’s ‘90s band Hole. Welcome The Worms contains the perfect melodies for your moody Wednesday night—with the girls of Bleached serenading you to “dry your eyes,” you’ll be back on the dance floor in no time.


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