Brand New I Am A Nightmare Highlark



I Am A Nightmare, recently released by Long Island four-piece Brand New, speaks for itself; it’s all in the title, the parallels and the pleading. Wielding that signature shameless pop punk honesty, lead singer Jesse Lacey has nothing to lose except preconceived notions of himself. He embodies the nightmare, but the self-depreciation in that comparison isn’t deep enough to wallow in. By the end of the track there’s inevitable salvation, a flash of blue.

Instrumentally, the track is classic which wastes no time in fueling the lyrical aspect of the story told. It’s pop punk with seniority; resigned frankness along the lines of “Dammit” paired with an intricate foray into the art of allegory. It’s a song for the earthly and the disappointed, but it is not a song for the skeptical.

With four albums under their belts, Brand New celebrates a sweet sixteen this year. ‘Nightmare’ is not so much a coming of age as it is a culmination of years of experience, still riding on the spinal thrill of possibility. With questions floating around regarding a purported breakup in the near future, their new music offers a chance to gauge the band’s sentiments and let the grapevine do the talking elsewhere. With a full album slated for release in 2016, the guys are currently on a North American tour which will see them visit New York in June, then on to Canada and other U.S. venues.


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