Camille Rose Garcia


Camille Rose Garcia, Painter, illustrator, and toy-maker, wants her audience to experience the interconnectedness of the universe as she displays her solo show, Web of Stars, at the Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles from February 23 through March 30.

Garcia’s paintings are surreal, galactic, and filled with neon colors. Inspired by surrealist film and vintage cartoons, Garcia creates a body of work that explores the relationship between everything that is present in the universe. The neon colors in each painting are contrasted with black backgrounds in order to symbolize the idea that everything is created from nothingness. While the dark backgrounds symbolize the blackness of space, the neon colors allow the viewer to understand the light of creation. By depicting life in neon colors, Garcia is representing the hope of humanity and the rest of creation.

While Garcia wants to emphasize the idea that everything is created from nothingness in space, she also emphasizes the idea that everything in the universe is interconnected. She paints animals and insects intertwined with each other, as well as intertwined with women, to show that people and animals are related and must work together in order to survive in this world. Some of her paintings also include elements such as planets and spider webs as a metaphor for how everything is weaved together by the universe.

Each painting has its own story to interpret and brings out a surreal and cosmic vibe. The women are painted with oversized eyes that lack irises or pupils, exaggerated necks, wispy hair, and long, skinny fingers. Each of these elements make the women resemble extraterrestrials, forcing the viewer to decipher for themselves if the subjects are human or alien. However one chooses to look at the subjects, the paintings are undoubtedly captivating, delicately painted, and full of life.


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Camille Rose Garcia


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