Lewis Ink
There’s more than enough worldly terms to define Lewisink’s tattoo imagery, but in the end, you have to see it's absurd magnificence. Read More
SUBCONSCIOUS SPACES With almost a decade of graphic design experience under her belt, Géraldine Georges is a perfect example of... Read More
Jo Chorny
Papercut artist Jo Chorny’s work observes our environment and ourselves in microscopic detail, then delivers it back to us reborn. Read More
Realist Painter Chris Leib Trinity
Savvy Painter is a really great podcast started by artist Antrese Wood full of insightful and intriguing interviews with amazing artists. She recently sat down with realist painter Chris Leib where he discussed his journey as an artist in great detail. Read More
Orge Kalodimas
PURITY OF INTENTION The term “World Tour” is a heavy one, alluding to an experience that’s sonic, usually explosive and... Read More
KEEPING IT SURREAL Miami-based painter Ozzy Samper crafts landscapes that defy the imagination with an old-world quality that flirts with... Read More
Nikolina Petolas
In Nikolina Petolas' work there floats a rendition of the human mind in relation to the heart visually interpreting the anomalies that lie in between. Read More
Sarah Beetson Highlark
TRANSLATED REALITIES Nine years after her first solo show as an established illustrator, Sarah Beetson has not only retained the... Read More
Tamara Santibanez Highlark
OF BLACK INK AND BONDAGE GEAR Brooklyn-based artist Tamara Santibañez delicately pushes the limits of human want, need, and curiosity through... Read More