Chie Yoshii


Born in Japan, but now Los Angeles based artist, Chie Yoshii paints pale skinned, rosy cheeked women flashing their hypnotizing icy blue eyes at the viewer. Not only are her oil paintings wildly realistic, but they are also filled with an immense amount of emotion. Yoshii’s style heavily relies on surrealism in order to explore psychological themes such as nostalgia, innocence, sensuality, and so many more. Yoshii’s newest solo exhibition, “(DREAMS)” showcases her incredible ability in evoking emotion from her audience with beautiful, surreal women. The exhibition will be open on October 20 at the Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles and will be available for viewing up until November 24.

A prominent theme in Yoshii’s exhibition “(DREAMS)” is the idea that intellect is not present in dreams and that dreams are when imagination takes over. This concept is clearly encompassed within her work, due to her surrealist style. Yoshii’s oil painting titled, ‘Emergence’ is a wonderful example of when dreams take over. A beautiful pale woman has her back facing the viewer and her head tilted to the side, her eyes staring straight into the viewer’s eyes. The right side of her bare back has what looks like a blue tattoo of wings. The left side has actual blue wings emerging from her back. The wings create a very surreal vibe, because it appears like the woman is transitioning from a dreamstate to reality. On one side she is a mythical being with blue wings and on the other side, she is just a beautiful woman with a wing tattoo.

One of the most admirable qualities of Chie Yoshii’s paintings is that they represent imagination as well as encourage imagination. Her paintings include different kinds of symbolism and elements, that are ultimately left for the audience to further analyze.


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