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West Philly’s own, Hip-Hop artist Chill Moody has turned a neighborhood saying into a lifestyle brand and a movement, “nicethings.”  We all want nice things, and the brand seeks to provide it whether it’s clothing, music or his very own craft beer nicethings IPA. As Chill says, nicethings isn’t just a call to hustle and provide for others, it’s also about appreciating what you already have as nice things.

I first linked up with Chill at Firefly Music Festival earlier this year. I was told he had just released his own beer, but when he started to tell me how he frequented his collaborators at Dock Street Brewery for few months to learn about craft beer, I was impressed and decided to scrap the quick interview we did and schedule time for a Stories.

Truth be told, I initially thought that it was just a beer with his name slapped on it like most artists do. But Chill Moody isn’t most artist, he’s an innovator and a leader. He wasn’t named Philadelphia’s Music Ambassador for just being able to rap. He has done a lot for his community and the city of Philadelphia, not only giving back to his home town but bringing everyone up with him.

It’s the type of “us” and “we” mentality that we so desperately need these days. This is why his brand is not Chill Moody, it’s nicethings. It’s not called Chill Moody IPA, it’s nicethings IPA. Fortunately, he puts his vision where his mouth is. Chill’s lyrics reflects his resolve, to stand tall and reach for the highest peaks not matter the odds and he will carry Philly and the world to the top with him.

Special thanks to everyone at Dock Street Brewery for being incredible hosts while we invaded their cannery. If you live in West Philly you need to stop in this great brewpub ran by great people. For more information about Dock Street and Chill Moody’s nicethings IPA and when more will be available (already sold out!), visit


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Chill Moody

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