Chuco Moreno’s Tattoos Depict Grandiose Characters



It is clear that culture runs deep within Chuco Moreno’s style of tattooing. While some artists may pride themselves on being “renaissance men”, and boasting a wealth of styles and flairs, Moreno runs with his niche, and represents both his skills and proud Chicano heritage. This style of art is not for the faint of heart- it takes a certain person to be able to wear these tattoos in the way they were meant to be showcased, as something mystical enough to inspire talk of this ancient culture, and tenacious enough to solidify its importance.

These black-and-grey pieces have the ability to subtly demand the attention of their audiences without overt uses of grandeur; the phrase “Con Safos”, meaning “With Respect” seems to be ingrained within each and every drop of ink in skin. Moreno works with the chola aesthetic, which is a nice spin on some of the more traditional pin-up girls artists may be used to seeing. These women possess traits akin to that of a mythological siren- beautiful, yet dangerous. Not only does this style apply to merely an outward lens, but cholas have traditionally been equated with an elevated level of respect, which some could say Moreno spins in a way that is very favorable for females through his tattoos. By portraying women as tough, respected individuals, who are not only beautiful in their sensuality, but strong, this artwork empowers not only the culture as a whole, but embodies modern ideas of equality.

The grandiose characters Moreno depicts in this permanent emblems stand out due to hyperbolized features, and an immense amount of line work. The best works balance on a fine line between overabundance and understatedness. Never wavering, Chuco Moreno boldly goes forth, making a name for himself, his background, and his culture through these audacious works of art.

Chuco Moreno


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