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The Los Angeles-based eyewear company Crap Eyewear (Co-Owned by jewelry designer Nick Potash) is dominating summer 2017. You can’t eat at a single restaurant, attend any concert, hike a popular trail, etc. in LA without seeing someone sporting the 90’s oval-shaped “Love Tempo” frames or the classic 50’s greaser “Pop Control” sunglasses. Crap Eyewear is quickly catching on due to the right combo of a high quality product, excitingly unique design, and affordable pricing.

The company was established as a response to the pulse of LA, “deeply rooted in many of California’s rich countercultures — skateboarding, surfing, music and fashion,” according to its website.

Their motto “Don’t Worry, Be Crappy” stems from their overall objective: to take things a little less seriously when it comes to the styles of their frames, straying from simple shapes. Though their site carries more classic options, like the standard “Nudie Club,” they’re best known for bright, abstract designs. The exaggerated colorful cat-eye of “The Wild Gift,” for example, comes in several limited-edition colorways in collaboration with Cherry Glazerr and Hello Kitty. And the best part of Crap Eyewear is that with affordable pricing, the company makes statement sunglasses widely accessible.

Sofia in her Crap shades at her high school graduation.

My own two-tone yellow and white “Wild Gift” shades completed my “farewell high school” ensemble at graduation this past June. Though I was on one level saying goodbye to school, the shades I wore were also representative of the LA I know and love so well, which I’m soon leaving to attend college in Boston. I pack Crap Eyewear with me as I travel across coasts as a reminder of the city that made me and all the culture behind it.


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Crap Eyewear


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