Cuco Brings Latest Bedroom Pop Album “Para Mi” To Toronto

CUCO Live At The Mod Club

The crowd at the Virgin MOD Club started lining up from what seemed like early on in the afternoon on September 25th– a warm fall day that was perfect to see California’s own, Cuco. The bill that night was packed with Chicago’s KAINA, who’s sweet pop tunes make you fall in love with yourself, and La Doña, a fierce singer who’s sure to make you shake and move. The titled tour, “Para Mi” had impeccable complimentary artists all supporting one another, bringing an electrifying show to good old Toronto. 

Cuco Brings Latest Bedroom Pop Album "Para Mi" To Toronto

KAINA took the stage first, warming the crowd up with her sweet, yet fiery personality. Her vocals are sweet, but strong; captivating the crowd with every note she hit. KAINA’s stage presence and aura could be felt even from the back of the venue as she shared the stage with her friends, making the vibe genuine and warm. She engaged the crowd, teaching them her lyrics and having them sing along. Although many artists do similar things, there was something different about KAINA’s interactions; they were sincere and welcoming. Her kind personality was felt throughout the large crowd of concertgoers and she made you feel like you were singing along with an old friend. 

Up next was La Doña, whose smooth moves got the crowd up and moving. She shared the stage with her dad, who played guitar and accordion, and even picked up the trumpet for a couple songs herself.  Her cheetah print dress, long curly hair, and hypnotizing twerk rallied up the audience as she called out a few in the crowd who she saw twerking along with her. La Doña’s strong attitude and fierce presence enticed everyone in the room, making them dance along, even if it was just a sway back and forth.  She was captivating, sensual and authentic, sharing the meaning behind her songs right before she sang them. 

As the lights dimmed and the stagehands came to set up, the crowd began to chant “Cuco! Cuco!” They had waited all day to see the Chicano artist right before their eyes.  The second Cuco took the stage, the already energetic crowd reached a new level, screaming back lyrics and jumping up and down to the opening song “Keeping Tabs” which brought the crowd to a hypnotic bop as they moved in unison. Not a single person in the crowd was silent and everyone seemed to know all the words to every single one of Cuco’s songs.  

Cuco’s music definitely brings people together, even if it ‘s just for a short period of time. The vibe was sincere and welcoming, making you feel like you could become best friends with the person you were standing next to.  

Cuco along with KAINA and La Dona’s are remarkable artists whose futures looks bright. They bring the passion and charisma that is needed to keep the music industry strong and alive. Their music and presence, along with the magnetism that they hold is something extremely unique and definitely not to be missed.

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