The second half of the Treehouse Sessions seven inch belongs to Daddy Issues, the three-member band that tumbled out of Nashville a mere two years ago. On it we can find “Drop Out”, quietly antagonistic and dripping with schoolgirl blues. “I wanna be cool”- the quintessential line that makes or breaks a high school rock n’ roll star. Jenna Moynihan, on vocals and guitar, is a twenty- first century crooner, snapping her bubble gum in the face of whatever’s pissing her off. Jenna Mitchell’s bass and Emily Maxwell’s drums carry that riot grrrl simplicity, bloody and raw.

I’d compare Daddy Issues to Bikini Kill for radio- clearly melodic, fuzzy and kind of cool. The band, signed to Infinity Cat Recordings, was an internet sensation, releasing two singles in 2014 and a debut album, Can We Still Hang, last year. Their lyrics tell it like it is, highlighted by classic chord sequence and general garage rock experimentation. What I like most about Daddy Issues is their unmistakable DIY spirit, the kind that a lot of us American youths seem to be missing these days. They are living proof that the dream is not dead, only a little battered. Songs like “Drop Out” are hopefully ushering in a new generation of cherry bombs and disenchanted kids who are gonna do something about it.

**There is another garage rock band called Daddy Issues with 3 female members from North Carolina but they are not the same band.


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