Death Valley Girls Glow In The Dark Highlark



Death Valley Girls‘ newly released track, “Glow in the Dark,” is two and a half minutes of pump, poetry, and a hint of something classic, brought to us by Bonnie Bloomgarden on vocals, Nikki Pickle on bass, Larry Schemel (Not Jeremy!) on guitar, and Laura “The Kid” Kelsey on drums.

The title song of the band’s second album, it’s all rising action and fuzz, finally collapsing into a speedy guitar solo to tie things up and drive the point home. The intro is bluesy and easy to digest, but once The Kid kicks in the drums, the track shoots off into fast car- motorcycle jacket- cheap sunglasses territory, bringing us a raw energy usually reserved for live shows. The philosophy driving the band centers around keeping rock n’ roll real; letting go of the definitions, the labeling, and the tendency to dilute it into “isms.” “That’s why we glow in the dark,” sings Bloomgarden, asserting an identity that’s easy to lose in the mesh of ideas, influences, or lack thereof in the contemporary music scenes around the country.

As their name suggests, Death Valley Girls are based out of Southern California, and are currently at work finishing up their North American tour. The band is gaining steam, and was an official performer at this year’s SXSW festival (check out our video interview embedded above). I’d recommend them to all who want to scrape the polish off of everything just to hear the screech and catch a glimpse of what’s underneath. Be sure to catch the rest of the new album, which is scheduled for release on June 10th via Burger Records.


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