Diarrhea Planet Live Highlark


If you had to identify a sound synonymous with the genre of rock & roll for someone who has never heard it before, where would you begin? For me, that question came to mind and was answered just as quickly on Tuesday night at the Music Hall of Williamsburg courtesy of Diarrhea Planet.

Diarrhea Planet Live Highlark


I arrived shortly after 9:30pm and was there sort of when most of the audience began to trickle in.
By 11 o’clock we had been treated to about 3 great performances but that didn’t stop chants of “Di-arr-hea!! Di-arr-hea!!” during intermissions.

When Planet took the stage (on time, always appreciated fellas) the shift was instantaneous and hard-hitting. People who had been lounging in the balcony sections upstairs came down to get closer, and regulars at the venue raved about how alive the crowd had become. From the first to the last, each song was as impressive and technically sound as the one before it.

I was impressed further by the fact that the band is just a little over half way through an expanded (mostly) North American tour which, by it’s conclusion, will have seen them travel through the south, the east coast, the UK, the west coast, and back.

All of that and you could’ve told me it was opening night and I would’ve been none the wiser. Don’t hesitate, add Diarrhea Planet to your list of bands/people to see right now. If you don’t have a list, then make a list then congratulate yourself. You’ve just done a thing. A good, good thing.


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Diarrhea Planet Live Highlark

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