Andy Kehoe‘s artwork immediately conjures up the childhood nostalgia of fairytales. Within his pieces, the audience can expect to find themselves mentally ambushed by the ethereal delicacy of the paintings. If this aesthetic were to somehow occupy a spatial location, it would be that perfectly centered between the heavens and earth. Drawing inspiration from nature and the Galaxy, Kehoe combines these two in a mixture that is both soothing and enchanting. It is as if this talented artist has somehow created a way for his pieces to comfort you, and to draw you back to your simplest time in life: soothing colors, gentle animals, and a fantastically reality that seemingly has no boundaries in that moment.

His paintings appear to pop right out a lucid dream. With careful precision Kehoe deliberately places each line and curve exactly where they need to be to create such an astounding image. His works are incredibly intricate, which only appears after further appraisal. What at first glance may seem simply like a tree in a field unfurls before you in a fantastical swirl of minuscule branches and clouds. The attention to detail gives the artwork a quality that enhances the dreamlike feel, while the blending and swirling colors are an extra extravagance for the audience to delight themselves in. If my descriptions aren’t telling you enough about this style, the artist also using a specific technique to create these pieces using layers of resin and hand crafted objects. This adds an entire new dimension that leaves any written description of said pieces paling in comparison to indulging in them one on one.

These paintings evoke a spiritual appreciation of art, with nods to landscapes, celestial bodies, and proud animals. Andy Kehoe has transcended the normal boundaries of artworks and taken us to a parallel universe, one perhaps more kind, more gentle, and more idyllic.


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