The first time I saw Brian Despain‘s art was about 6 years ago and I made an instant connection with it. Great art evoke emotion and create mood that you can feel, and Brian is immensely successful in doing just that. With plenty of robots and familiar yet fantastical creatures, Brian brings to life a scene we may all have imagined as a kid. The tones and hues he uses also help create the nostalgic mood. One of the most impressive aspects of his work is his ability to breathe so much life into his robots, radiating warmth and innocence. They remind me of the robots in Hayao Miyazaki’s “Laputa” who peacefully patrol the floating castle helping and watching over the inhabitants.

Brian also creates great depth of field by having a solid understanding of light and making the characters who are in the foreground stand out against the background landscape. The interactions between the characters clearly tells a story, but from there the viewer naturally is able to open up their own imagination and envision their own adventure.


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