If you don’t get a happy feeling by looking at Muxxi‘s art, there is some serious darkness in you. I usually like contrasting characteristics in art, but Muxxi has definitely shown me that being straightforward can be just as interesting.

One of the elements in Muxxi’s art that inspires me the most is the general lack of gradients. Her work consists mostly of solid colors and pays no attention to a light source or casting of shadows. It’s remarkable she can still create a sense of depth and dimensionality by using only solid colors, shapes and sizes. Muxxi uses darker colors against lighter colors and vice versa to create separation among the elements in her piece. We all know that objects that are far from you appear small and objects close to you appear big. She uses basic principles like this very effectively to create intriguing pieces.

You may say that Muxxi’s work is colorful, but an interesting thing about it is that while it’s most certainly bold, it’s not necessarily colorful. She often uses around 5 colors or even less at times. I really love this part of her art and it gives each of her pieces a unique and fun color scheme.

Muxxi really owns her style and it’s no wonder so many companies commission her to create artwork for their projects.


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