The Nihilist & The Gods

Born in California, Nicomi Nix Turner transforms quiet scenes of mundane and otherwise unobtrusive objects into startling images on philosophical ideals, and religious motifs. In her black and white graphite drawings, Turner is able to combine realistic details of naturalistic elements with fantastical remnants of mythology, sacred themes, and feminine mystique. The artist focuses much of her work on botanical images, with lush vegetation and flowers overflowing from her drawings. Often, these images of life are juxtaposed with their counterpart- skulls, which reminds the viewer of the full synchronicity of life. The oft spoken of character of Mother Nature is nodded to as well, through the artist’s use of women specifically to portray how the female form and nature go hand in hand, showcasing delicacy, and the  resilience of life and strength.

The titles of her works often include allusions to gods, or the lack thereof, such as in the piece “The Nihilist & The Gods”. Perhaps through the artwork, there is a medium in which the judgement of such a higher being need not shine down, perhaps the message of the work is to speak for itself- alone, a still moment in which no god, no existence, and no destruction can poison the perfect ethereal likeness.

Turner’s work is so detailed, it appears almost as if by some luck the viewer themselves has stumbled upon this homage to nature- somewhere tucked far away from the contemporary world in a landscape more pure. All living things are welcomed with open arms to be deathless in her works- from large owls and rabbits, to minuscule beetles and fungi. There is no organism too small for Turner to portray with wonder. Drawing upon the beauty of anatomy, Nicomi Nix Turner’s work seems to scream its praise for the utter perfection that creation allows, without any modification. In these drawings, there is a world in which life and death coincide as old friends, eager to play upon the melancholy charm they both hold, and create a synergy of harmony and peace, made immortal in these images.


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