Scott Saw‘s work scoops up all the existential angst you’ve ever felt and turns it into pieces that are just as comforting as they are surreal. In “Heart Flutter”, for example, radiant butterflies weave in and out of the cavities of a human heart. I imagine the flutter of their wings almost in sync with the beating of the heart. This balance between nature and humanity makes me consider the sheer effervescence of life- after all, most butterflies live less than a year.

Similarly, Saw’s other work depicts a general essence of living, from its birth to death, and ultimately, whatever comes after. Each of his paintings has a clear color scheme, sometimes more earthy and muted, and other times brighter and demanding. In his “Dark and Dreamy” series, some of the subjects are placed against a starry sky, while the use of highlight and toning gives them a glow akin to moonlight. This, to me, shows the artist’s ability to create environment in an art piece. I also like that he adds an extraterrestrial element to pieces depicting something as human as birth, connecting two worlds as one.

Scott’s representations of love, life, and death, and the roles they play in nature stimulate one’s perception and sense of self. They help you zoom out and take a good look at what it means to be human. A lot of his art puts an emphasis on the innocence of love and humanity, which I think is important to acknowledge, especially in the times we are living in. To view more artwork and info about the artist, visit


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