Dolls Kill Highlark Feature

Dolls Kill is a self proclaimed brand for all those who aspire to break free from traditionally restraining styles of today. For “misfits and miss legits”, the brand offers pieces for goths, Lolita princesses, punks, and all those who dare to rebel.  Brand is definitely for all those who want to define who they are through their fashion sense, as much of their line is reliant on detailed sequin patterns, intricately placed shine, and cuts that dare to bare a bit of skin.

Dolls Kill mixes many different elements of style together to create truly one of a kind pieces that are brash and bold- like combining a bright mesh top with pasties for a look reminiscent of a rave scene. Many of their pieces are infused with inspiration both from the past and the future. From the 80’s we have chunky textures and neon brights, and from the 90’s we have platform shoes. The brand also looks wildly futuristic, with their bold holographic prints on shoes, tops, and pants that add a pop of glitter as an accessory to any outfit.

Dolls kill usually incorporates cutesy images that inspire nostalgia for childhood in a badass way. My Little Pony, tye-dyed hippie themed smiley faces, and kittens all make appearances in edgy pieces that juxtapose the innocent with the evocative. Oppositely, the brand also offers slight plays on popular brand logos and nods to the darker side of life, featuring a few pentagrams and satanic horns just for kicks.

When shock value is the desired effect, Dolls Kill offers the ability to either dress up in pastels and cutesy knee highs, or sharp black on black layers and leather. The brand has a mix of basic sweaters, cocktail dresses, and dressy tops that are offered in neutral colors for those who are less adventurous but still appreciate good quality and want to embellish their look with details like pearls or lace. Overall, whether you seek cheeky tee shirts, love-child-esque crop tops and skirts, or attire more suitable for a biker bar, Dolls Kill has the transformative powers to let customers be anyone they want to be. 


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