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On Friday, Club 157 hosted Dreamcatching, a group art show with live music in Williamsburg Brooklyn, featuring over 40 artists, the band Pinc Louds and singer Emily Einhorn. Gallery owner Heather Rae Hatton invited many observers to her studio loft where the visitors crowded into her living room to experience a dream world of art and music. Works made from various mediums filled the walls of the studio. Each work related to the show’s theme of ‘Dream Catching.’ The room, brimming with magical, positive energy was amplified by spiritual crystals, along with informational business cards of local energy healers.

The art presented various dream subjects ranging from an acrylic painting of half-naked hippies camping, to a photograph of a woman crying in a bathtub under pink fluffy clouds. The commonality of each work was their visual appeal. Not only drawing attention initially, but a component of beautiful strangeness, one of a dream, was fascinating to observe and relate to.

The show began as each artist spoke of the strangest dream they could remember. As expected, their creative minds remembered many imaginative dreams in vivid details.

Next, Pinc Louds set up in the living room and performed with impressive stage presence. The trio includes Raimundo on the drums, Ofer on Bass who was wearing a bear mask, and lead singer, Claudi. They performed “Roaches in My Hair”, “Last Chance at Love”, and other songs from their latest album Home Demos.

As Claudi sung her heart out, the bizarre performance was original and organic. The music was so personal, like the raw tunes we shout while alone in the shower. Fusing alternative with doowop and soul, Pinc Louds truly create their own genre. Claudi cited poems, wailed, screamed, and sung both soft and strong. Beginning the songs in spoken word, poems transformed into lyrics as the drums gained momentum. Claudi impressed the audience, picking up a different instrument every song. Her whimsical stage presence projected confidently. Pinc Louds inspired the listeners to let go of their reservations, as their unique music encourages others to be true to themselves, no matter how different or strange.
Dreamcatching was an off-beat experience which blurred the lines between dreams and reality. With art, performance, and a large group of visitors, Hatton did an amazing job promoting the underground show.

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