Dyro Set Me Free Highlark


Dyro‘s long awaited EP Set Me Free came out on Monday, and it’s exactly what you hoped it would be. Featuring Loopers, Le Prince and Dope D.O.D., it features the hard hitting signature sound of Dyro as well as “Predator” which feels like a full version of his Hip-Hop influenced tracks he has come up with in the past. Much like his selections for his label Wolv, Dyro has been known to be a bit outside the box, evolving his sound rather than feeding his audience the same type of tracks.

The title track “Set Me Free” is an awesome track to start it off, offering a variety of sounds and styles throughout the track. I was a big fan of Dyro and Loopers’ collaboration “Jack It Up” and the two have teamed up to give us another dope tune. “Surrenda” is another great track, utilizing an effective back and forth of slow and fast tempo almost out of the Major Lazer playbook and a little reggae vibe mixed with some dubstep.

The track “Predator” is a solid representation of combining EDM and Hip-Hop, although the lyrical content is a bit predictable I think the vibe is what they were going for on this one. The EP closes with “Artifact,” which showcases some sounds that we haven’t heard from Dyro before. Set Me Free is an exciting release in two major ways. First, it gives us 4 brand new tracks for our listening pleasure, and secondly it introduces us to a new phase in Dyro’s sound.


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