Funk duo Electric Guest hasn’t released anything since 2012. I was just about to listen to their last album, Mondo, in remembrance when “Dear To Me” was released. I’m obsessed with Asa Taccone (brother of The Lonely Island’s Jorma) and his buttery vocals layered on top of a great beat. There’s something about this song that just feels genuine. Hopefully this release is the precursor to another full album – but regardless, I’ll be listening to “Dear To Me” on repeat until that time comes.


Good Morning, an alternative rock band based in Melbourne, Australia, has been on the rise since 2014. For two years, they’ve been releasing beautiful, poetic music that is guaranteed to ease the mind and calm the soul. Earlier this month, the group graced our ears with a couple of brand new songs. “Step Aside,” the first of the two, is a mellow tune that welcomes the cold weather with open arms. This gem is best listened to in the morning with a hot beverage, or winding down in the evening when lights are low–it is the equivalent to taking a deep breath in, and breathing out slowly.


There is always a certain intimacy to Regina Spektor, and her latest single ‘Bleeding Heart’ is no different. She unabashedly and completely pours her heart out to us with lines like ‘someday you’ll grow up and forget all the pain you endured, until you walk by a sad pair of eyes and up comes all the hurt.’ A synth pop ode to overcoming the ghosts that still haunt us, ‘Bleeding Heart’ is one of the year’s most genuine tracks – and in such dark and heavy times, we could not be more grateful for it.



Hollywood sadcore princess Lana Del Rey has teamed up with The Weeknd once again––their first collab being 2013’s brillinat “Prisoner”––for the short but exponentially sweet “Stargirl Interlude.” Del Rey exudes sadness and seduction, singing about a starboy who makes her cry “but [she] loves it.” The Weeknd comes in near the end, hypnotically singing about wanting to see his stargirl shine––maybe the characters they’re playing aren’t good for each other, but this is a musical match made in the gloomiest heaven imaginable.



This heavy-hearted rap song brought to you by Vince Staples and producer Clams Casino sheds a light on the more sensitive side of the west-side rapper and his yearning for affection. Consistently deep chords, the occasional conflicting, light ringing and a melodic rap thrown over it come together as nicely manufactured and sincere poetry thats slightly rough around the edges.