Death Valley Girls Glow In The Dark


I discovered Death Valley Girls via the magical world of SoundCloud. Yes, I found them in the future. What I heard was the song “Summertime” which was awesome, and that led us to set up an interview with them at 2016’s SXSW. It’s still to date my favorite interview I have ever done and it was so much fun. Lucky for you, the magic can be viewed below. That is also the time that I fell in love with all of Death Valley Girls, Bonnie, Laura, Nikki and of course Larry. Even though during a mid-interview meditation mind reading session Bonnie spilled the jelly beans on my darkest secret that I do in fact like jelly beans, I still love them.

Their latest album Glow In The Dark starts off with the title track which really sets the tone for the rest of the record. I always feel like the first song of a record is so important and that it needs to kick you in the head a little bit to start off the experience correctly. Yes, listening to an album is an experience. A good one will take you up and down valleys much like life. The production is amazing, with every instrument settling in their own space. It represents their style and image so well, but it’s completely natural and not forced. Oh, and the guitar tones are so dope. Being a guitarist myself, I love how they sound; overdriven, fuzzy, but every note and chord is audible, hitting that sweet spot of grittiness. Bonnie’s vocals are so dynamic and versatile, from the croons to the shouts and yells. ‘The Kid’ can sing too, so I’m glad they have a track like “Pink Radiation” to give that aspect some well deserved attention.

Maybe it’s because I also love them as people, but this album really stood out for me. It’s genuine rock music that the world needs a lot more of. Death Valley Girls aren’t trying to be like anything, they’re just themselves and they embrace it. I strongly recommend everyone listening to this album and if you are into vinyl like I am, grab theirs which actually does glow in the dark!


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