Fenech-Soler finally dropped their long awaited third album ZILLA recently, and we sat down with brothers Ben and Ross Duffy to talk about how they work together to create their unique Electro Pop sound. Coming from a musical family, music is in their blood, but whether it be playing instruments, writing songs or learning to record and produce, it has been trial and error that has gotten them where they are. I think this is the best way to grow and develop a craft, because everything you end up learning and figuring out is out of necessity and the desire to do what you want to do.

In any art, sometimes the most difficult part is knowing when a painting or song is finished. Ben and Ross spoke about how they’ve been wanting to create songs by keeping thing simple, and how they felt like they finally figured out how to do so with ZILLA. It sounds easy, but simplicity is an art form and extremely hard to pull off. It worked, and the result is 12 awesome songs that make up ZILLA which is dynamic yet consistent throughout. Songs like “Kaleidoscope” and “On Top” satisfy the thirst for a great pop hook while “Grace” and “Cold Light” give us the cinematic feel that builds and resolves. The UK duo is doing something right, making a connection with the US crowd and selling out their NYC stop of the tour which heads back to Europe towards the end of this month.


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Fenech-Soler Zilla

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