Death Cloak. This monicker conjures up images of the darker side of life, and yet this is exactly the starkly macabre aesthetic Frankie Caraccioli plays with. Caraccioli is not your average tattoo artist. Working for over a decade, the self made artist began by practicing on himself and has since perfected his craft, and bestows these permanent pieces upon lucky recipients with the ease of a rehearsed artist. The artist has spent time in a cornucopia of locations, enjoying the freedom of absorbing new cultures while practicing his trade. He bases his work mainly on the foundation of traditional style tattooing. He has a strength for vibrant, saturated reds and blacks that pop off the skin. A solid color in a tattoo is a difficult feat, yet the pieces never look splotchy, and their quality makes them superb pieces that will be significant for years to come. 

His large scale pieces are as captivating as his smaller touches. From peacocks taking residence upon a hip to a larger than life sea serpent scaling across a chest, Caraccioli’s works are imaginative, playful, and speak for themselves. His adept script work is beautifully light, organically flowing while maintaining its integrity and clean structure. The artist also had a wonderful understanding of how tattoos work with each other, able to construct pieces with multiple distinct aspects that play off of one another overshadowing each other, such as in the sleeves that he has done for customers. Frankie Caraccioli’s pieces are visions on the skin, eternal reminders of a skill perfected and paid for with space on the body. Frankie Caraccioli works out of Port City Tattoo in Long Beach, CA and Old Rose Tattoo in Temecula, CA.


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