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The Burner community is strong in Brooklyn, so strong that it’s easy to associate the “10 Principles of Burning Man” and the contributing-to-the-collective lifestyle with the Williamsburg and Bushwick event community, even more than the desert-destined experience itself. It’s no coincidence – The common history behind this creative, collaborative style of events that thrive year-round and are growing in popularity is that they are derived and inspired from the numerous founders’ experience and learnings from the Burn. Theme camps from the playa have took to the streets to continue blossoming positive communities and adding elements to these collectives to keep them alive in the “default” world. Each camp can spin off to become a thriving community, if treated like a heart that everyone involved must pump blood to. And at the heart of the most flourishing communities is Gratitude… turning camps into families who show appreciation for one another and return the same kindness.

After partying in the Brooklyn underground scene amongst all these communities, it becomes almost second nature to turn from an attendee into a family member. In this “Brooklyn Burner” world, you realize that your only barrier to entry is simply asking yourself, “What can I contribute?” Built on the same creative and supportive attitude and positive and inspiring goals, this family tree all comes together event after event. As a result, you fortunately see many familiar faces, catch the same talented DJs play from stages in warehouses to makeshift booths in outdoor spaces, and are entertained by the identifiable visual and performing artists who consistently step up their game.

But the test of a true community is how strong it remains when it is taken out of its origin and comfort zone venues and moved to a new temporary home. So with a comfort in our hearts that our community always holds it strong, we left our concrete jungle and headed to the sand of a quaint New Jersey town to “…celebrate the omnipresent connection of our community” at Gratitude Migration.

gratitude migration music festivalPhotos by: Amanda McHugh

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With Burner veterans behind the Gratitude*NYC community, including Drew Meeks, Founder, Producer and Creative Director who’s affiliated with camps Bubbles & Bass, Disorient, Kostume Kult, and Opulent Temple, attendees had a certainty that an event they produced would feel like home, have a strong Burner vibe, and cover all the show stoppers… even if we dare leave the Five Boroughs. For the past five years, Gratitude*NYC has brought together theme camps, visual and musical artists of all genres, and consciousness expanding workshops with the goal to create environments for people to have transformational experiences. Taking Gratitude*NYC out of the one night warehouse bangs to a less restrictive space for a three-day Summer Dream escape, only allowed the heart of the collective to beat louder and encouraged the community to grow stronger.

Greeted by the feeling of escape soft beneath our toes and with the ceremonious festival opening of fire performances by Flambeaux Fire and The Calling, it was clear that this weekend would be a treat. The beach landscape populated with theme camps gave a nod to a Burning Man panorama, yet more manageable with the security of a refreshing ocean equipped with party boats and options for restocking in the “default” world. Every turn of the head led to a new picturesque scene as friends shared tropical drinks out of watermelon halves, mermaids swam close to shore, rainbow balloons danced above the water, and sunrises glistened across the silent bay leaving festivalgoers in awestruck wonder. Words needed not to be spoken to know we all shared a collective thankfulness for being there. Best part? We shared these indescribable moments with our community, growing us stronger as we keepsake these memories back to New York.

Let’s get together to reminisce the playful times we had when we escaped New York City…

gratitude migration gratitude migration gratitude migrationPhotos by: Amanda McHugh

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Drew Meeks: Founder, Producer and Creative Director

Avi Werde: Co-Founder, Producer and Production Lead

Andrea Kirk: Producer, Operations, Finance and Communications Lead



Bubbles & Bass

The Deep

ebb + flow

Grati-Tea Lab



Meso Creso


The People’s Caravan