Gypsy Warrior / Highlark

Gypsy Warrior is a clothing and accessories brand for those who like to walk on the wild side. Their style is definitively alternative, with edgy leather and flannel pieces making their appearance alongside bell bottoms and crystal necklaces. Because of this, there’s a little bit of something for everyone to be able to find a piece they love.

They also offer accessories such as jewelry, bags, and fun little lifestyle pieces like notebooks and pillow cases. The patterns and colors are unlike those you’d see at your average shop, Gypsy Warrior is a step above the rest in terms of one of a kind trends. Their pieces allow you the freedom to channel your own persona, whether that’s mixing and matching to create your own punk version of a look, or keeping it purely bohemian. With a great variety of staple pieces, and showcase pieces, Gypsy Warrior is the go-to brand for the modern young adult.


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