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Sister trio, HAIM, released the first song off of their long awaited sophomore album, Something to Tell You, this morning. The track “Right Now” was highly anticipated due to the lack of music coming from the band since their 2013 album, Days Are Gone. However, “Right Now” was not released to iTunes or any streaming site and is only available as a video, recorded live in studio. HAIM collaborated with director Paul Thomas Anderson to create the visuals for the track. It was introduced on Twitter along with the words, “This is where we start… live in the studio. There’s more to come, but this is it for right now.”

As it has been nearly four years since their last release, the expectations were high. “Right Now” is a catchy tune, reminiscent of the Days Are Gone era, but it does not quite sound like the HAIM we know and love. The track begins with an ambient beat as the camera focuses on lead vocalist, Danielle. She chants “gave you my love, you gave me nothing” while seated at a piano, singing into a retro-looking microphone.

These raw, emotional vocals are usually accompanied by an intricate beat in HAIM songs, so the stillness surrounding Danielle’s voice was refreshing. The camera then pans over to Este, donning her signature bass face as she chimes in with “right now, right now.” The song then begins to pick up and sound more like what one would associate with HAIM, only to slow down again and return to the simple vocals from the beginning.

A few seconds later, Alana, better known as “Baby Haim”, chimes in with the more traditional rock intonations. It isn’t until the end that we hear the intricate drumming HAIM is famous for—and it’s badass. Hopefully the infamous drums will have a featured spot on the upcoming LP.

Creating a sophomore album is always a challenge as no one can return to exactly the same sound they had previously. I think HAIM is going to impress their listeners with Something to Tell You, but it could be quite different from what fans are used to. Growth is a vital part of artistry, and it will be interesting to see what HAIM has been cooking up.

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HAIM Right Now

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