Have A Heart: 6 Pairs of Valentine’s Day Themed Sneakers You Should Have In Your Collection

Valentine's Day Sneakers You Need In Your Collection

Looking for the right shoe to give to your love for Valentine’s Day? Check these out.

This is D3 The Concrete, bringing you fashion from the street. Yes, I have been on a long hiatus, but I have returned to bring you some hot fire streetwear and sneaker related articles! In anticipation of the feast day of the patron saint of love, I decided to put together a list of sneakers to consider for your collection. Some are previous releases, but a couple of them are upcoming. Take a look and tell us, in the comments below, which one is your favorite pair.

Wearing Your Heart On Your Heel?

Valentine's Day Sneakers You Need In Your Collection

The brand, NIKE, has a way of taking a concept and making it their own, regardless of its simplicity or complexity. This pair of Air Force 1s is no different.

You can find them on the following link, if you are interested in buying a pair: HERE

Is Your Heart In The Game [Of Basketball]?

Valentine's Day Sneakers You Need In Your Collection

Here’s another pair to consider. Released in 2013, this Jordan Brand retro sneaker has a predominately red upper, with pink highlights on the midsole and a basketball, formed to look like a heart on the lateral side of both shoes

You can find pairs available on the following link: HERE

Hidden Hearts Still Show.

A switch from the swoosh can be found above. The Three Stripes have struck again, with their own interpretation of the Valentine’s Day theme. One thing about this shoe is that it is a bit less blatant than other sneakers released by adidas’ competitors in the market. You can see the heart, but it is barely peeking out from behind the shoes branding, which makes this shoe all the more appealing. You can buy the shoe at the following link: HERE

Love Keeps Lifting Me [High]er.

When I first saw the sneakers above, I was infatuated with them. The Nike Air Force 1 High collaboration with Edison Chen’s “Emotionally Unavailable” brand, was a most unique shoe, to say the least. It was a bold step in a direction that showed NIKE was willing to dare to be different. From the heart shaped zipper shroud on the instep, to the hot pink chenille check on the side, this shoe was one that garnered a lot of attention in 2019.

For a below retail pair, go to the following link: HERE


Anatomically Correct, Right?

Full disclosure: I love this shoe. Shoutout to Joe Freshgoods and the #DontBeMad crew for making this shoe, nonchalantly called “Anatomy Of A Heart”. The Chicago based designer partnered with American made brand, New Balance, to come up with this and the Kawhi Leonard signature basketball shoe; however, these are definitely the favorite of the two.

Get more information about the Feb. 14th drop here.

Strangelove, That’s How My Love Goes

Take a look at the last shoe in the list. This pair is glorious. From the all-over crushed velvet and suede upper, to the anatomic heart skull on the lateral heel, to the blood red swoosh, this shoe is bound to turn heads (hearts?). Controversy surrounding the pre-release on the Strangelove Skateboards website, but other retailers are planning on releasing the shoes at the end of this week on Feb. 8th.

For more information, go to the following link: HERE

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