Hennessey Reveals New Single & Video, “Let’s Pretend (It’s The 80’s)”

Hennessey Band


An ode to the glamorous and the gluttonous, “Let’s Pretend (It’s the 80s)” by New York City dance punk outfit Hennessey sashays between satire and sincerity, a shiny anthem singing of credit and screaming of consequences.

The first single off of Hennessey’s upcoming EP (to be released via East Village label Velvet Elk Records), the track is fun, smart, and undeniably stylish, pairing perfectly with scenes of the band’s front-woman and namesake Leah Hennessey voguing in a variety of era-reminiscent looks in the accompanying video directed by the group’s own E.J. O’Hara. Neither a hasty facsimile nor an attempted anachronism, the retrospective pop song manages to achieve a rare balance, encapsulating the sonic spirit of the eighties whilst keeping its grounding in a less-forgiving modern world.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dn3bi7YZ0eo]

Where Hennessey (the woman) has already distinguished herself amongst an array of fields including writing and acting, from her involvement in the online campy comic fantasy series Zhe Zhe to Star Odyssey, her latest Manhattan production as a playwright and thespian with collaborator Emily Allan, Hennessey (the band) may be a new name, but they are seizing momentum.

“Let’s Pretend (It’s the 80s)” is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.


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