House of widow highlark


As a fan of TV and film, I appreciate it when a brand incorporates visual aesthetics that tell a story with just one article of clothing or with a complete outfit. Self-proclaimed “dark fashion” brand, House Of Widow is definitely one of those clothing lines that brings strong visual elements to their style.

I can’t help but think of American Horror Story: Coven and 1990’s cult classic The Craft when looking through their women’s style. Chiffon dresses and blouses, lace slips and velvet jackets provide an eery and mystical feel. The printed, beaded and flowy, oversized tops and caftans give the pieces a more modern silhouette, while still maintaining the goth aesthetic. Asymmetrical skirts, dark skinny jeans and ruched, stretchy joggers can be paired perfectly with their tattered hoodies and oversized sweaters. I am loving the Cold World Oversized faux leather jacket that would work magic over their Tea Stain Assimilate Unisex Oversize Printed top.

Their Dark Hearts intimates collection evokes dark and witchy vibes with lace and silky bras and bustiers, velvet bralette and short sets and sexy, see-through bodysuits and panties.

Men’s looks have cleaner lines, but still maintain the dark vibe. Tattered hoodies and shredded sweaters, twill button up tops pair perfectly with the drop-crotch french terry pants. Bottoms also include mesh drop waist pants and crushed velvet drop-rise sweatpants that give hints of a futuristic vibe despite the old-goth looks. The Panther Crushed Velvet Hooded top can be worn with a jogger, a skinny pant or even a skirt. The Restless Ruins bomber jacket would work beautifully over any of the tops and bottoms.

House Of Widow has looks for those seeking to give their coven of mystical witches all the elements that provide the wearer with dark, eerie and magical style.


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