HUSH Corey Helford Gallery


With a mixture of street art and traditional painting, British artist, HUSH is able to create striking images of the female form. HUSH often uses black and grey to construct the female’s face and body, then blends in colorful patterns in the background or in parts of the woman. While the background is often filled with bright colors and elaborate patterns, HUSH is able to create a balance between the figure and background, not letting one overpower the other. In HUSH’s new solo exhibition, “Remix”, he creates a balance by giving each aspect of his paintings its own defining feature. The women stand out due to their bright red lips and blacked out eyes, while the background still remains strong with its vibrant colors and complicated designs.

HUSH Corey Helford Gallery

HUSH uses the technique of layering in this work, which allows the viewer to see the detail put into each piece. His paintings include backgrounds that are segments of colors, some include shapes, and others are floral patterns. By splitting the background patterns into segments, the work becomes broken into parts that create a feeling of infinite space behind each woman – as if the background pattern could go on forever.

In some paintings, HUSH allows the background to be intertwined with the subject by filling in parts of the women with the same shapes or patterns, causing the two to become connected. Even when the patterns are incorporated into the female figure, HUSH allows for a distinction between the two. He does so by keeping most of the women in black and grey tones, allowing for a sharp contrast between the background colors and the figure.

HUSH currently lives in his hometown Newcastle, continuing his work as an artist. His newest solo exhibition, “Remix”, is now on display at the Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles – until November 25.

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